Prank Call your friends for Free with Dial lets you make free prank phone calls to your friends and play a funny prank recording, create your own funny message, or find a video on one of our partner sites.

We let you prank call your friends for free three times a day.

  • Step 1) Find or create a message using the free prank call message creator below.
  • Step 2) Enter your friends phone number
  • Step 3) Click send and wait for the giggles

Create a funny prank call to send your friend

Create your own message

Type your message in the box below and it will be read to the person you send the call to. You have one more call left for today.

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Upload a MP3 to play on the call

Select a file using the box below, the file will be played to your friend with they pick up the phone.

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How to get Free Prank Calls From Your Computer with Dial

Enter a friend or family member's phone number into the form below, type a message to them, upload a prank call or funny prank call from a mp3 file and our computer will instantly call them on the telephone and read them your message or play the funny prank call that you uploaded. We provide this as a free service, just for fun, so please don't abuse it. Each call costs us money in long distance charges however the prank call is free for you, we have a limit of 3 prank calls from your computer per day.

A prank call or prank phone call is a form of joke which is carried out with the use of a telephone, we always love to hear how the prank went so please feel free to send us a email with your funny prank calls.

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